Welcome to CAGA

Just a reminder to all Annual members, that your membership ($25) (January – December) is now due! Why not make life simple and take out a Lifetime membership for only $150?

A Board of Directors, consisting of representation from various parts of Canada, operates the Association for the benefit of all amputees. CAGA’s priorities are to encourage more amputees to get involved with sport and recreation as part of their rehabilitation and future success going forward in life.

CAGA is there whether it is:

  • a home visit to the proposed amputee and his/her family
  • a hospital visit following amputation
  • moral support as the amputee adjusts to a new prosthesis
  • encouraging the new amputee in their education pursuits or profession
  • helping the amputee to discover the various devices that are available to assist them to play sport
  • teaching the new amputee how to play golf
  • advising them of programs and events available to them

We are also a sounding board for amputees who are needing assistance, and seeking help on how to play the game of golf. The camaraderie about sharing ideas, new prosthetics and golf equipment or adaptations, is so unique to amputee golf events, and we want to share as much information as we can with all amputees. Should you want to run a recreational amputee golf tournament in your area, or wish to host our annual National golf tournament – featuring the best amputee golfers in Canada and around the world – then please get in touch with us.

CAGA receives the support of many other Amputee organizations. All are interested in similar objectives – to get the amputee involved with other amputees, so that they can realize that their quality of life, is enhanced through their interaction with other amputees, as well as getting back into the able-bodied society. Some of these supporting organizations are: AASRA (Alberta Amputee Sports & Recreation Association), AGA (Australian Golf Association), BAGA (British Amputee Golf Association), BALASA (British Amputee & Les Autres Sports Association, D.G.A. (Disabled Golfers Association of Japan), E.A.G.A. (Eastern Amputee Golf Association of America), N.A.G.A. (National Amputee Golf Association of America), OALASA (Ontario Amputee & Les Autres Sports Association), SADGA (South African Disabled Golf Association), W.A.G.A. (Western Amputee Golf Association of America). Our thanks goes to their Board of Directors and members, who are all so willing and eager to help Canadian amputees in the rehabilitation process also, having been there themselves.

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas and we want you also to let amputees out there know that we are here for them. All amputees are important to us and we would like to hear from them.

For only $25 annually (January to December), or $150 for a Lifetime membership, you can be a part of our wonderful Association.

For more information please contact us at: cagagolf@mail.com

or write to:

C.A.G.A. (Canadian Amputee Golf Association)
100 Lake Bend Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3Y 0M4